/bet-o/ - those you are better together with

Never be in the doghouse again for forgetting a birthday

Connect more intentionally and take your friendships beyond the screen

We help you find your BETOs birthday expectations so you can nail it every time

Why you need BETO

Bridge the gap between wanting to and doing so 

I used to organize in different places: calendar, notebooks, etc; yet it was easy to miss the details.


I am always well-intentioned but my busy schedule made me a little scatterbrained.


We don't share your info.

Pinky promise.




Pick Your Path

Fill out your reminder form or send your BETOs a birthday quiz.





We set the reminders & send you links to customized gift ideas.

You show up for your friends.

Save & Repeat.


Ditch The Stress

Ensure your friends feel seen and loved.

Never miss a birthday again.


How to start being BETO (better together, duh)

​You won’t just be checking off that you sent flowers, we help you send them their favorite flowers.

You tell us they love chocolate cake, we’ll remind you when the time is right.

TLDR: Go the Extra 10%

For friendships as unique as the individuals in them

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Customized Birthday Details. Your Way.
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I get too many notifications, I ignore them and easily overlook important reminders.


We're not another annoying red notification

You tell us how to show up and we make sure you do for the people who matter  



We're the people platform, helping you remember what matters. 

Ditch Facebook.

Follow through on birthdays with us.

We help you show up for the ones who matter.  

Let's end friendship anxiety one friendship at a time. Starting with birthdays.

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You know that, "oh shit, it's their birthday?!" moment.
That ends with us.

WTF is a "BETO"?



I feel like a bad friend when I forget the small, yet

important details. 

"I felt so cared for when I got the BETO quiz"

"Straight up BETO has saved my butt
over and over again"⁠
"OMG this is a life savior"


"It is so fun texting with BETO and
getting my friends info"⁠

"I feel so much more relaxed about birthdays"⁠

"This is so great, it makes me feel appreciated already"

"I don't need things, your friendship means so much to me"

"I still have all the cards you send me"